Omega Lumber Inc.

in Wheatland, Pennsylvania, is a leading manufacturer of industrial lumber & fine hardwoods.

Monday-Friday: 9AM to 5PM P.O. Box 524 West Middlesex, PA 16159 icon_widget_image (724)-342-5430 (724)-342-5435 icon_widget_image
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Our founder Paul Chovan says often, “You meet the same people in this world coming up as you do going down.” With this simple yet poetic quote always in mind, Omega Incorporated is an active member in our communities. We support a variety of local causes and charities.

Omega Incorporated sponsors a number of youth sports teams. We believe by helping kids get active, they can lead happier, healthier and more successful lives.

Please feel free to contact us regarding your organization’s needs. While Omega Incorporated cannot honor every request, we do promise to give each one consideration.