Omega Lumber Inc.

in Wheatland, Pennsylvania, is a leading manufacturer of industrial lumber & fine hardwoods.

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Let Us Manage Your


A large buyer of standing timber for more than 40 years, Omega Incorporated has logging crews working in forests all over Pennsylvania and Ohio. We currently manage over 5,000 acres of timberland. Our foresters and logging crews are certified by the Pennsylvania Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) using best management practices in your timberlands.
Why Choose


We are committed to doing right by your timber not only because it’s best for the environment, but because it allows your forests to reseed themselves; maximizing your asset!
  • 40+ years in business
  • Free estimates on your standing timber
  • Custom tailored cutting plans to meet landowners’ specific needs
  • Payment in full at signing of contract
  • Fully insured logging operations
  • SFI certified foresters and logging crews
Contact us today to set up your free timber evaluation with absolutely no obligation.